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Great game. Love the puzzles.

Thanks :)


Well done for the Steam release. *bows*


Cheers mate!


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What a beauty adventure. I played this at 4am this morning and the overall gameplay, atmosphere, puzzle's just fitted in with my mood. I also forgottent that I had played Eliza's Requiem by you as well. Both fantastic adventures mate.

Good Luck Devs

Thank you so much!  :D  This honestly made my day.  

I'm glad you enjoyed it and remembered Eliza's Requiem (ENDO almost feels like a spiritual successor to that game)


I think your right about ENDO feeling like a spiritual successor to Eliza's Requiem which I totally enjoyed playing. MMmmmmm, I going to played it again and do another video.

Looking forward to future updates.



:D aye that's awesome


I loved the snail! and the worms, and the frogs, and the mushrooms, and the bee! for real though, I really liked the original puzzles and the calming atmosphere!

Aye thank you so much! :)  Creating a calming atmosphere was one of my main goals!  There's going to be much more in the final version!


Loved the game, the puzzles were a bit to simple but as a proof of concept its was great

The visuals are unique and interesting to look at

I enjoyed the game enough to put a couple hours in to speed running it,  got the time down to 3:42 , and loved every moment I played of this small demo


There's probably some stuff you would want to look at in the run so here it is 

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LMAO this is amazing!

This means so much dude I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

(BTW I use source engine / half life style movement so if you BHOP you could probably cut that time in half)


Nice game! 

I love how you communicate with the player, using drawings and glyphes.

May be the player needs some more control while in the air (jumping) to feel more well... in control. Also this arm is too rigid, in front of the view.

Overall, a really nice experience, keep up the good work!

Here a short video, puzzle is not where I keep a lot of patience :)

Thanks!  That's really usefull feedback!

Ill work on improving these things for the final version.


If the installer gives you the Windows protected your PC window, click more info and click run anyway.