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Description >_

You and your crew crash land on an alien planet.  Stranded on unknown territory with no guarantee of being rescued, you must scavenge for supplies so you can attempt to escape.

Beyond Terra incorporates survival gameplay elements while also giving players an end goal to work towards.  To escape the alien planet, you must find a way to infiltrate a tall tower called the citadel and steal a spacecraft to get back to base.

Features >_

  • Multiplayer Co-op
  • Randomly generated items and enemies
  • Random events such as meteor showers, robots roaming the landscape and cargo ships flying overhead
  • Lots of items and weapons
  • An end goal (This isn't just another endless survival game)


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Published 74 days ago
GenreSurvival, Action, Adventure
Tags3D, Aliens, Co-op, DRM Free, Low-poly, Multiplayer, Open World

Install instructions

  • Open the .ZIP file and extract it
  • Open BeyondTerra.exe
  • Done!


BeyondTerra_v1.2.zip 91 MB

Development log


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nice game :)


i want a player to play with me


I like this game, it does feel a little empty without some ambient music to follow with the game, if you add a bit more to the environment too as i feel it is a bit empty (such as more random rocks and textures...also sounds) this would be really great.

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Thank you for the feedback  :D  I found out the hard way that making an open world by yourself is super time consuming so thats why the environment can seem very empty.  I appreciate the criticism so i can improve as a developer :)