ENDO Demo V1.2

Hello again!  :)

This is (hopefully) the final update to the demo!

I've been busy working on more content for the full game and I can't wait to eventually release it.  This game is my pride and joy in life at the moment and I want the demo to be almost as polished as I expect the final game to be.

Thanks to the feedback I have received so far, I was able to make some improvements to the overall experience.

This update brings minor adjustments to the levels and overall interaction, as well as fixing a few overlooked bugs from V1.1

Peace and much love!



ENDO Demo V1.2.zip 58 MB
Nov 09, 2020
ENDO Demo V1.2 MAC.zip 60 MB
Nov 09, 2020
ENDO Demo V1.2 LINUX (Untested).zip 64 MB
Nov 09, 2020

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