Saturday Update 11.28.2020

This level is a breath of fresh air from the dark, mechanical themes of the last level I worked on.

    An interesting thing that I've found out (on accident) is that working on levels in a non-linear fashion helps keep the levels consistent and creative.

For example, instead of my development track looking like this : 

    Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3 > Level 4 > Level 5 > Level 6 > Level 7 > Level 8

I've been doing  it like this : 

    Level 1 > Level 4 > Level 8 > Level 2 > Level 5 > Level 7 Level 3 > Level 6

    Working like this helps me evenly and effectively spread my ideas throughout all of the levels.  The massive jump between level types also helps keep me creatively stimulated by switching up the environments.  Sometimes an idea from a later level helps me come up with something on an earlier level.

    To conclude, this scattered workflow of working on levels helps me move along fairly efficiently.  I have completed exactly two levels in the past two months so things are looking good  :)

Peace and much love


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